Chums x NRS x Redside Foundation Neoprene Retainer by Heidi Messner

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Introducing a new, limited edition of our tried-and-true Neoprene retainer. Featuring custom artwork by Idaho river guide Heidi Messner, this retainer is part of a special collaboration among Chums, NRS, and the Redside Foundation in support of Mental Health Awareness Month, and proceeds from sales will benefit the Redside Foundation’s mission of supporting the health and strength of the professional outdoor guiding community.
  • Limited edition artwork by Idaho river guide Heidi Messner
  • The industry standard for neoprene retainers
  • Quick-drying and durable
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Light flotation - floats frames up to 15g
  • Latex-free
  • Length: 16"
  • Weight (without packaging): 0.2 oz

Customer Reviews

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Giovanni Puglisi

Solid, bought this in couple with a slip fit retainer in order to secure my glasses during roller coaster rides for an upcoming trip. Haven't tried them on the field yet but when the glasses are secured with both straps it seems basically impossible for them to fall off

EDIT: my Disneyland trip has come and gone, and all of the rollercoasters with it... And I still have my glasses! Never for a second I felt like I could lose them. Recommended!