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📍 Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado

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The majority of Shyanne's childhood was spent wandering the woods and playing in creeks in Flint, Michigan. Considering her every waking moment was devoted to exploring the outdoors, it came as no surprise when she decided to uproot her life and move to Colorado at 18 years old.

The mountains were new territory for her, but she quickly fell in love with everything they had to offer. Whether snowboarding, hiking, or flyfishing, she was enchanted by the beauty of Colorado and the life it offered her. A few years after moving, she dove headfirst into guiding, and her entire world revolved around becoming the best angler and guide she could be. She's devoted a huge portion of her time to learning the rivers, understanding trout, and traveling to chase all sorts of species, both freshwater and saltwater. Fishing is when she feels most herself, and she feels deeply grateful that she has built her entire life around this passion.

A year and a half ago, she became a mother, and while her days look different now, she has told us it's been the most fufilling and rewarding experience to share her life and her sport with her son. When she's not guiding or hosting trips, she's traveling with her fiancé Aaron and their little dude, exploring new fisheries, destinations, and connecting with the world around them. She has this feeling like her life is just getting started and she cannot wait to see what lies ahead.

Who do you look up to? Any personal or professional heroes?

April Vokey has been a tremendous inspiration to me. She is an incredible angler, guide, human, and mother. Plus, she has navigated the fly fishing industry beautifully. If you get the chance to meet her, I guarentee you'll like her.

Where's your fav vacation spot?

I'll never get enough of Mexico. I love the people, culture, and, of course, the fishing that Baja has to offer. Not to mention the accessibility and affordability.

If you were to have one superpower what would it be and why?

If I could choose any superpower, it would be to save every child on the planet. I just want to give them the love and attention they deserve . Call it my motherly instincts kicking in.

Favorite adventure beverage?

Oskar Blues Hazy Blues IPA

What are three Chums items on your must-pack gear list?

My perfect Chums trio consists of the Downriver Rolltop Backpack, the Pouch Microfiber Lens Cloth, and the Sunglass Sleeper! The backpack keeps my gear dry, the microfiber pouch conveniently clips onto my pack (ensuring clean lenses too, of course), and the sunglass sleeper safeguards my lenses from scratches while they float around in my bag.

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