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The SoFly Crew is a team of three Ontario fly fishers passionate about telling the stories of anglers and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. In 2016, Mitch Duesling, founded The SoFly podcast with Yilma Campbell by my side. A year later, they welcomed Aldo Pescatore-Tardioli as their co-host. Since then, they've been on an exciting journey, expanding beyond the mic to film and document their adventures, one fish at a time. Along the way, they've connected with incredible individuals and explored breathtaking fishing destinations, both in freshwater and saltwater locales. They thrive when traveling, exploring, sharing their experiences, and, of course, sharing their love for fishing.

Meet the Crew Members:

Mitch Duesling: Mitch grew up fishing in and around Ottawa, Ontario. His first fish on the fly was a walleye in Eastern Ontario. By day, Mitch works in advertising, assisting brands in connecting with people in entertaining or meaningful ways. He also enjoys conducting interviews and aims to create a podcast platform where people's passions and emotions can flow freely in conversation. These days, you can find Mitch tossing dries on a bamboo rod, enjoying a pipe, enjoying a rum-based cocktail, or searching for the beefiest trout in his local rivers around Toronto. If Mitch were a fly, he'd be an Adams.

Yilma Campbell: Yilma was born in Trinidad and learned to spin fish in Ontario after moving there as a kid. He discovered fly fishing later in life but has since traveled the world in search of epic moments reeling in fish with friends. Although he has a deep affection for Northern Ontario, he feels most at home on the flats, sporting the tightest bathing suit you've ever seen. Yilma's passion for design shines through in every aspect of So Fly. If Yilma were a fly, he'd be a Clouser Minnow.

Aldo Pescatore-Tardioli: Originally from Ottawa like Mitch, Aldo learned to fly fish on the rivers flowing through the city. His passion for fishing and the outdoors blossomed upon meeting Mitch and Yilma in 2017. Joining So Fly, Aldo has ventured across the globe, pursuing experiences and moments in remarkable locations. Aldo serves as the driving force behind So Fly, ensuring smooth sailing ahead. Nowadays, he pursues anything that swims, with a growing emphasis on the warm, picturesque, salty regions of the world. If Aldo were a fly, he'd be an Ausable Wulff.

Who do you look up to? Any personal or professional heroes?

Les Stroud, also known as Survivorman, is the creator of survival-style TV shows and is based in Ontario. We had the opportunity to interview him on the podcast a few years ago, and he is just such a cool guy.

Where's your fav vacation spot?

Northern Ontario

If you were to have one superpower what would it be and why?

It would be pretty convenient if we could walk on water. No need for a boat!

Favorite adventure beverage?

We would never say no to a crisp Busch lager.

What are three Chums items on your must-pack gear list?

We use the Rolltop Sling all the time; it's the ultimate bag for anglers who want to keep their gear dry yet accessible. The beaded and braided lether retainers are another go-to for us. Whether we're on the river or around town, those retainers just make sense.

BONUS QUESTION: just 'cause we’re curious

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Absolutely not. It is something so much more.




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