Aluminum Carabiner Keychain

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Our carabiner keychain is a patented carabiner design in 6061 aluminum with a stylish accent webbing keyring. Clips easily to just about anything. Great for keys, but it also the best thing for Swiss Army knives, flashlights or anything that you want to clip to your pack or bag.
  • 80 mm 6061 aluminum carabiner with patented no slide slot to keep keys in place.
  • Clips to just about anything.

Customer Reviews

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Laurence Garcia

I had just bought this key clip (the aspens) and it has been a durable piece of metal that will last me years of everyday use :)

Christa M
They’ve grown!

Had a chums key holder for years…finally decided to replace it since the clip was wearing out. New one is waaaay bigger. Not sure yet if I’m a fan of the increased size but loved my old one so I’ll give it a shot.

Manuel Rivas

Awesome product have used previously no complaints.

J. G.

Just ordered a new carabiner to replace my old one. I bought my first one back in 2012 - lasted me 9 years. Could have stretched it a few more months to make 10 years but wanted to be safe/smart. Looking forward to getting another lifetime out of this keychain.

Gary Hipp
Best keychain

I have used a keychain like chums since 2006, but could not find them anymore. I was very happy to find chums had the same like product at the same price I paid in 2006. Great keychain, easy to connect to belt, and the keys don’t slide around the carabiner due to the unique design. I like the product so much that I purchased 4 keychains, each with a different print.

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