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Ratchet up some adventure! The Ratchet boasts of the most cutting-edge technology on the market. Our patented (that’s right it got its own patent) ratchet system allows for unmatched adjustability and 180° range of motion allowing you to move 360° without worry. So, go ahead adventure like never before in The Ratchet!

  • Molded eyewear retainer with silicone rubber temples that fit most eyewear frames
  • Ratchet head system for adjustability
  • Four retainer positions for 180° range of motion
  • Use last ratchet position for the most retention
  • U.S. Patent # 9,753,304 B2

Customer Reviews

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Best product

Best retainer for my glasses

Fit "most" eyewear frames

I love the design and the color (I got the pink/purple), but unfortunately it does not fit on my sunglass frame.
It's a bummer but with the price-point, it's not worth a return so I will keep it around to see if any of my friends want it.
It's so cute, it's a shame

Gregory Soave
Best for the job

I am a carpenter and use cheaters for close in work while not needing them otherwise. I tried several different holders with mixed results. I need to be able to grab and put my glasses on with one hand often while holding a tool while on a ladder. Most other holders either broke or wore out from admittedly harsh use and constant snagging. The ones that held onto my glasses the best, meant that the glasses broke often.
These hold well while also releasing the glasses before they break. They last incredibly long under the harsh use I give them. I can ratchet them down and they help keep the glasses from sliding down my nose when I look downward. I would have given them a 5 star review for my first pairs. This 3rd pair is shorter than those and it’s harder to get my glasses on with one hand now because they’re so close in.


....”Ratchet. The best answer.

Actually works, and because of that it saves me money by NOT LOSING GLASES.

L West
Why is this a thing?

Got this in a Cairn subscription box (so I didn't purchase it for myself, nor would I have done for reasons that will become clear). Maybe I'm missing something, but these seem massively overengineered. Eyewear retainers make sense, but why do we need retainers that ratchet? It feels entirely unnecessary. It seems like the kind of product that was presented on Shark Tank, and the sharks' response was "Who would ever need something?" It's an innovation for a problem that doesn't seem to exist.

I'm not saying they don't work. Honestly, I haven't tried them. I'm sure they work as advertised. I just don't understand why they exist.

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