Bandit Wallet

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The Bandit wallet is slim, minimalist and tough as nails. Designed with an exterior card sleeve, an internal cash stash and an elastic band to keep everything else strapped together. If you’re searching for the perfect wallet, consider that search complete.
  • Durable rip-stop nylon
  • Clear ID window
  • Credit card organizer
  • Elastic straps to securely hold money or extra cards

Customer Reviews

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Great for the beach

I have the surf short wallet and that’s my every day wallet, but I needed something for just my ID and credit card for while I’m at the beach so I bought this. It’s great for that purpose…a little too stiff if I’m being honest, but I think eventually over time it will break in like a pair of sneakers. Great little wallet for going to the beach tho.

christine hall
This is not what the website shows exactly.

The wallet is fine but not at all as described. It literally has slots for 3 cc, no forcing more in there, and a spot for DL. Tiny key fob would not be suitable for more than 2 or 3 keys tops. I wanted a thinner version of the standard chums wallet, this isn't it. The tag on the wallet itself describes it to a tee, but that is not what this website shows. I'm returning, out the shipping fee. Will sew my original chums back together for now.

christine hall
Going to give it a shot

A response to "who would use" a key chain? Me!!!! That's what I like about this. Can't lose cards or keys, can't go anywhere without BOTH. The Chums I have now is falling apart, but I don't complain - it's had a long tough life and has served me well. Going for a replacement, will try this one, just because.

Ron Keffer
Very good small wallet; needs a bit more engineering.

I wanted a small wallet for front or back pocket. This one is well made and fills my need. Could be better though. Dimensions are such that it is really difficult to fit any amount of paper money into it. Another 0.5 mm would probably do it. Also, I worry about abrasion of my DL through the open slot. A clear plastic cover is needed for the slot. Ditch the key chain altogether. Who would use that? Sounds like I don’t like the wallet, but I really do.

Howard Borst
Perfect, like everything they make.

I love these wallets. I always end up buying another one before the other one wears out because I love them so much. It’s the perfect size and it’s durable. Chums always comes through with good products.

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