Aqua Socks | Chris Logan

Aqua Socks

As a winter sports enthusiast I wasn’t really plannin' A multi day raft trip down Desolation canyon When the opportunity arose not a chance I could say no So the aqua socks got packed and down to Moab we would go Took off day 1 tied together for the float Four rafts all being led by Deans Dory boat Right off the bat we caught some wind and a bit of weather It was still nothing but smiles knowing it would only get better The scenic sights and soothing sounds Relaxed the mind and body as we flowed down No texts, calls, or emails, Service cannot be found Just conversations with new friends and natures beauty all around When the sun came out so did the toys inflatable kayaks and sup boards provided hours of laughs and joy Everyone on the river is all smiles and waves There for the same reason, its the adventure they crave First time scouting lines Don’t go left implanted in my mind Kept to the right and everything was fine What a rush, I’m hooked, can we do it one more time? All great things unfortunately must come to an end Saying goodbye to those once strangers, who are all now good friends Day dreaming about the river and all the beauty around every bend While counting down the time until I get to go again