Metamorphosis | Alicia Wright


The sun rises upon ancient sea beds
Painting our canyoned souls red
Towers echo sage wisdom
Living waters reflect a glint of what will emerge
...around the bend
We students of sediment listen to
Spaces between time revealing mystery
Ever-changing, harsh, extreme
Heat radiates blistering fire
Wind chisels petrified dunes
Clouds build upon the horizon
An eminent deluge hovers electric
Dark skies crack open spilling torrents
The desert flashes downstream
Go with the flow
River trip
Free of distractions and society's cages
We resume natural rhythms
Tribe, elements, ritual, place
Wilderness preserves our nature
Canyons guide us home
A wild & scenic revolution
Responsible footprint
Discover the sacred
Sanity restored
We are as free as the river runs
Oars in hand
A malstrom below
Rapids sculpt skill eroding weakness
Swallow pride and focus
Humility in tune
Senses on point
It is time to drop in...