Rafting on the river

These Products are Rated R (for River)

Staff Picks for Floating & Fishing

Back in 1980, our founder hitchhiked to Utah to paddle the rapids of the Colorado as a river guide. Three years later, Chums was born on that same river, when he sewed the first batch of Original Chums Retainers to help his customers hang onto their glasses from the put-in to the take-out. Ever since, Chums has attracted staff members who foster a deep love and knowledge of the water, and now we’re passing that knowledge along with our top five staff picks for floating and fishing. Whether you're you're out for a leisurely float or running class IV whitewater for days at a time, consider adding these "must haves" to your quiver for your next river trip.

1. Floating Retainers

There's always a chance that your float might turn into a swim, so it’s best to be prepared. Floating retainers keep your shades visible and afloat in case right side up turns into upside down.

Floating Neo RetainerGlassfloat Classic Retainer 

2. Phone Protector

Phones and water generally don’t mix, but with an extra layer of protection, they can! Floating and waterproof phone protectors keep your phone dry and off the riverbed. Plus, touch screen-compatible windows mean you don’t even have to dry your hands to text your boss that you’re not coming in that day.

Floating Phone ProtectorStorm JamGlow Phone Pouch

3. Durable Wallet

Want to be able to afford a beer after your river trip? Make sure you have an adventure-proof wallet that will keep your cards and cash from tumbling into the deep. A floating wallet keeps your valuables at the surface if they happen to fly off the boat, but a low-profile front pocket wallet that stays slim and secure is also a good choice.

Floating MarsupialDuckie Wallet  

4. Dry Bag

If you’re a fan of wet clothes, you can skip this pick. For the rest of us, a dry bag is crucial for keeping your extra clothes, snacks, and essentials dry and secure. Go for a size that fits the length of your trip and tell your friends to get their own when they try to stash their stuff in yours.

Downstream 4LRolltop SlingDownriver Rolltop Backpack

5. Rescue Whistle

Being pro-level means being prepared for anything, especially the worst-case scenario. When you’re ejected out of the boat, see a bear, or come face to face with your crush, harness the power of sound so you can be rescued quickly.

Rescue Whistle +