Tideline Adjustable

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Our newest and most high-tech retainer! Treat yourself to a Tideline, with features such as removable silicone temple ends to fit any pair of sunglasses. This sleek retainer is made of Ultra-Lightweight stainless steel and is fully adjustable from 10" to 15.5" will keep your sunglasses in place on any adventure.
  • Fully adjustable retainer from 10" to 15.5"
  • Includes set of 2 interchangeable ends for all temple end sizes
  • Ultra-Lightweight stainless steel wire
  • Silicone temples do not lose shape or stretch over time
  • Made in the USA
  • See the video!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gregory Maurer
Wires too long - need smaller sizes

Need to offer smaller sizes for children and adults with smaller heads. I.e. less than 10 inches. e.g. 6 to 10 inches.

Tyler Friedrich
Fits narrow Frames, Too long of Wires

These are so close to perfect! The narrow frame grip option fits great on my thin frames, however, the wire doesn't tighten enough to fit snugly on the back of my head. That little gap means that they slip down my nose when I'm using them for activities. Please make options for shorter wire lengths!!

Charles Schober
Not snug enough

The Tideline is a nicely crafted retainer that will definitely keep eye ware on your head. I don't use them because I am unable to snug the strap up like I can with the traditional cloth Chums. My eye ware will not stay snug without a close fitting strap and in this the Tideline has failed me.

Eric Belusko
Great retainer

Was excited to try these on my fishing sunglasses due to the adjustable length on the cable and the adjustable silicone sleeves for temple tips. I feel the silicone sleeves would fit a great variety of sunglasses styles. I know my glasses are secure no matter what I'm doing. Great, well designed product. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Noah Lynk
Chums Tideline eye glass retainer

Chums hit a home run ! Ok so I’m charter Capt./ tournament fisherman On the water nearly every day for 25+ years & I see new products come & go a lot , The new Chums Tideline retainer is absolutely awesome! Every now & then a company comes up with a revolutionary idea to enhance a common product, chums has done just that with the new Tideline retainer. With the silicone temples( won’t crack or break like rubber) & new interchangeable retainer with the new harpoon tips. All you need are multiple temples on all your glasses & just one retainer! What a genius idea! Love mine as I need several different sunglasses lenses depending on water & weather!