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The OG of the Orbiter Retainers! Made of lightweight stainless steel, the Orbiter doesn’t get sweaty, stinky or dirty. The Orbiter features flat low-profile temples that fit most eyewear frames.
  • Ultra-lightweight stainless steel
  • Low-profile, flat temples eliminate pressure points
  • Universal temple design fits large and small frames
  • Made in the USA
  • Length: 15.75" 
  • Weight without packaging: 0.1 oz.

Customer Reviews

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Jodie Beard
10 OUT OF 10

My Orbiters are AWESOME. Love not dropping my glasses into the river, mud and yuck while fishing. It’s and extra level of security for those of us bound by eyewear to see.

10 out of 10, I would buy ‘em again.

Easy to misplace when not on my specs!

Your original Orbiter is great!

They are really helps keeps my glasses on my face here in Florida where it is so easy to break out in a sweat just get in the newspaper off the driveway in the morning.

However when not on my glasses the sleek minimalist design which makes it so comfortable to wear, also makes it easy to put down and misplace. I would love to suggest that the CHUMS/Penguin logo pendant sliding on the stainless steel wire was magnetic. That way it would be so convenient to put them on the refrigerator or toolbox or locker without fear of it falling into a crack somewhere never to be seen again.

Thanks again, it is a great product! Let me know what you think of my idea!


Short sizr here, excellent product this is my 3rd pair. Much better that fabric


Bought the long size Orbiter for our bosses dental loops and they work & fit perfectly.

T Tass

Great! Steel is so much less sweaty and dirty than fabric I'd used for years.
Would have been 5 stars but;
A) couldn't buy them anywhere else in color and length I wanted.
B) shipping was too expensive.
C) I bought the long and they are still 2" too short... why not make them the same length as the fabric ones?

FYI, you may find the stiff cable somewhat uncomfortable and occasionally in your way. Not issues for me, steel is way better in other respects than fabric, but just be aware, the steel does not drape over your neck.

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