Baja Urban

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Meet our newest Urban retainer - the Baja Urban! With inspiration from Mexico and Central America, this colorful retainer will bring some beach into your life every day. Combined with an Urban End, this retainer fits most sunglasses.
  • Featuring Chums Urban End - grips even the tiniest frames and fits onto larger frames
  • Comfortable polyester woven cord
  • Keeps your eyewear secure

Customer Reviews

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Ken from Hollywood
Really cool

Easy to put on (love the rubber loops!), keeps glasses around neck, and looks cool. Taking them on my trip to Antarctica next year!

Cory Doyon
Go home Barbara, you’re drunk

The picture doesn’t show a rubber piece on the end, hence the no rubber piece.

Great product wouldn’t change a thing.

Barbara S Berger
Baja Urban

I have always loved your products, especially the way the rubber ends hold onto the frames so well. This one is attractive and comfortable but it lacks the rubber piece
that adjusts the length. I would much prefer to have that on all croakies as this one hangs quite low. The fabric is nice and soft on the neck whereas some others that are narrower or tightly woven can be irritating.