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  • Made from repurposed fishing line
  • Silicone temples fit most frames
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Capt Tim
Best retainer ever!

I work on the water and have used different retainers nearly every day for 15 years. I love how these have all the advantages of any mono retainer without the goofy look of an antenna sticking off your head. The aesthetic of the braided mono adds a great look as well. The rubber ends on the original Mariner didn’t hold up very well, but the bigger retainer on the redesign lasted nearly 2 years. I’m ordering another couple for my family.


I liked them but after a few months the ends quite holding allowing the glasses to fall off. Sad they didn't last longer.



Sam Masters
Decent product but broke after a couple months

I like the recycled nature of the product and it worked for a few months. However, recently I had to jump into water with these on and where the line connects to the plastic snapped apart. Must be a weak point in the design. I've had single-piece chums in the past, nylon and neoprene, and never had an issue.

Reaching out for advise/help

Kinda suprised the rubber part that attaches to my sunglasses broke when I was gently sliding it on. I bought the retainer brand new at Dicks Sporting Goods and I'm thinking they might have been sitting on the rack for a long time because i literally own 7 different Chums retainers that I swap all the time for different looks and never had this problem so I guess I'm out the money and more dissapointing out the style I was going for since they broke the first time I tried using them. Please help me out Chums because I really wanted to rock this style but Im afraid to buy more and have the same outcome if it wasnt a fluke. Let me know what to do here. I really wanted to give 5 stars but the fact they broke before I could even try them blew that and considering I have other style retainers from chums with no problem. The color was awesome and hopefully I have the chance to try a new mariner retainer and everything works out where they had just been sitting on the shelf becoming dryroted

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