Bobber Hat Float

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Hook this up to your hat so it won't sink! The Bobber Hat Float easily attaches to any hat strap to keep your hat from sinking while on the water. A velcro strip keeps the Bobber Hat Float secure and makes for easy attachment and removal. Neon color options available for easy spotting!
  • Floats most hats
  • Low profile comfortable fit
  • Easy attachment/removal
  • Closed cell foam with high buoyancy
Bobber Hat Float lifestyle: Bobber Hero
Bobber Hat Float lifestyle: Bobber SM1
Bobber Hat Float lifestyle: Bobber SM2
Bobber Hat Float lifestyle: Bobber SM3

Customer Reviews

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Versatile and unobtrusive

This simple gizmo does what it is supposed to. The velcro has very strong grip, and it seems to be glued very strongly to the float, so it should be possible to reuse. And well, this is not limited to hats, but whatever light-weight thing with a strap you have.

The slot for the strap is 2 cm wide, by the way.