Cap Retainer

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Save that most prized possession! Our Cap Retainer securely holds your hat to your jacket, shirt or pack. Lightweight with tough bulldog clips, no wind is too strong for this puppy.
  • Lightweight braided cord, tough bulldog clips hold fast
  • Securely holds your cap to jacket, shirt, pack, etc.
  • Available in black with rubber adjuster
  • Total length: 9"

Customer Reviews

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Steven Solomon

Cap retainer works excellent, I drive a Jeep with no roof no doors keeps control of my it!

Lindsay Koehler
Live in a windy area? You need this

I live in the mountains, and gusty winds can blow a hat right off your head. Had quite a search to find this item that I knew existed, but once I found it, my cap retainer has lived on my hat, so it's always available. Just bought one for each of my hiking buddies.

Simple and Effective

One of my all-time smartest and best purchases.


Summer's just begun. First days out on the boat...Already saved one $60 hat.

Thanks, Chums!

Cheryl I.
Very convenient items.

I bought several of the Cap-retainers many years ago (at a Gander Mountain, I think). Ever since that time, one has been on my sun cap (with a very wide brim) ; and has preserved it for me so many times. I’ve given several away, when people have commented on how great mine was.
They’ve also kept grandchildren’s sweaters and jackets from falling off and getting lost; and kept my canvas bags together on outings, as well as lots of other uses. That’s why I just bought a bunch more. They are made well; and are so handy to have around!