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The Tech Cord is a unique eyewear retainer with a clean, single-piece injection-molded build and adjustable loop temples.
  • One piece injection molded for beauty and simplicity
  • Fits securely on most frame sizes and styles
  • Extremely lightweight and stylish
  • Length: 25"
  • Weight without packaging: 0.2 oz.

Customer Reviews

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Tappey Heckman
Gotta love Chums!!!

I must tell you that I adore these tech cords!!! Light weight, you don't even know you have them on!!! Arrived quickly. Great customer service. I am a believer!!!

Terry K
Tech Cords

I’ve been buying these Tech Cords for over 10 years from Chums. I have them on all 6 pairs of glasses/sunglasses I own. They last long. I’m forever taking my glasses off and on, so this is an easy way to keep them on my body without losing them by setting them down somewhere.The company is quick to ship, and Customer Service is very good. Thanks!

Kari Tanaka
Loved them until they broke

Purchased 90 days ago in Beaufort, SC on a visit and loved that you really could not see the cord, and they are so lightweight.
For me, the loop naturally laid in the crease where the glasses bend and thus never slide around.
Today one end of the loop broke and it was a clean-cut from the end of the frame.
I have just purchased another pair and this time I will try not to let them lay in the creases.

Wendy C

I found all these reviews very helpful.. I ordered the clear ones so that they are not obvious. They are PERFECT! One person mentioned that her glasses were falling out of the holders ..but I found that by pushing up the tabs and applying pressure, they hold very tightly..I have had no trouble at all. At last, I have glasses holders that don't look like a distracting necklace or dangling black cords. these are PERFECT

Steven Gonzalez
Excellent quality, very discreet

I'm been using the "clear" version daily for over a month. It's sturdy and reliable. My glasses have never fallen out or even become loose. Other people barely notice the cord because it's almost transparent. I used a permanent marker to darken the part that overlaps with my sideburns for more discretion. The silicone texture can stick a little if your skin gets a bit tacky in the heat, but overall this is a great product. Highly recommend it.

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