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Angler, Wildlife Biologist, Stand-Up Comedian

📍Denver, Colorado

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Eeland Stribling, a Denver, Colorado native, is an angler, educator, wildlife biologist, and stand-up comedian. Drawing from his upbringing and experiences, he seamlessly blends his passions for conservation and comedy to advocate for outdoor education. Guided by his grandfather, also a wildlife biologist, Eeland gained profound insights into wildlife and ecosystem services during his formative years. His journey into fly fishing began in college, sparked by a fly-tying class. He honed his skills on Denver's local waterways, particularly targeting carp. Graduating with a degree in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation biology, Eeland carved his unique path in the outdoor industry, driven by his own initiative due to his family's limited outdoor inclination

During his studies Eeland began volunteering at children's clinics as an outdoor educator with the aim of sharing his passion for wildlife and conservation with the youth and BIPOC communities. In his own words, “It’s cool to be able to teach people who look like me or people who have never had the opportunity to enjoy nature and wildlife. You can't be what you can't see.

Eeland has emerged as a prominent voice advocating for the integration of fishing, stand-up comedy, conservation, and outreach in the Denver area, and was recently honored with the 2024 African Americans Who Make A Difference award. Engaging with local outdoor education organizations like The Lincoln Hills Cares Foundation (LHC) has deepened his connection not only with his Denver community but also with the BIPOC community. Lincoln Hills has a significant historical background, once serving as the sole black vacation resort west of the Mississippi River in the 1920s. Today, LHC Foundation serves as a learning hub for underserved youth and communities to explore and learn about the outdoors. Additionally, Eeland collaborates with the Cottonwood Institute, serves as the East Slope Angler Representative for the Colorado Wildlife Council, and is the conservation and education director at Brown Folks Fishing — a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering a fishing and conservation community for BIPOC and anglers alike, with the aim of normalizing nature appreciation and fishing within the black community.

Beyond his advocacy roles, Eeland is also a touring stand-up comedian. Emerging victorious as Best Comic in Denver at the Comedy Works New Faces competition, he has garnered a reputation as a beloved comedian, earning praise as "your aunty's favorite comedian." Since starting his comedy journey in 2018, he clinched the 2019 Comedy Works Clean competition and has become a regular performer at Comedy Works, Denver Improv, and various venues across Colorado, in addition to gracing stages at festivals nationwide. "Comedians on the Fly," a series where he combines fly-fishing with comedy alongside his fellow comedians, stands out as one of Eeland’s particular favorite projects.

Who do you look up to? Any personal or professional heroes?

I look up to Steve Irwin (RIP), Katy Williams, Denzel Washington and Alan Watts. My favourite comics are Chad Daniels, Patrice Oneal, Baron Vaughn, and Hannibal Buress.

Where's your fav vacation spot?

Anywhere there is permit and tarpon fishing.

If you were to have one superpower what would it be and why?

I'd want to be able to talk to animals. I could see what they need and how I could best protect them and/or help them.

Favorite adventure beverage?

Canned Hawaiian Punch

What are three Chums items on your must-pack gear list?

The Vault and the Transporter sunglass cases are lifesavers for keeping my sunglasses in one piece and not crushed at the bottom of my fishing bag. I also can't be without my Surfshorts wallet, it holds my cards, cash, and fishing license! I'm stoked Chums launched the Surfshorts Flow, which is built to be on the water.

BONUS QUESTION: just 'cause we're curious

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

I think the hot dog gets to decide what it is. It’s 2024, I don’t want to used my preconceived judgment on what the hot dog wants to be.




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