Tyler Woolcott

Angler, USCG Licensed Captain, Fishing Guide

📍Port Orange, Florida

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As a Florida native, growing up in Daytona Beach, Tyler's life has always revolved around the water. His dad introduced him to fishing the moment Tyler could understand the concept and grasp a fishing rod, and from then on, he was hooked. Whether it was freshwater or saltwater, he was always eager to explore every corner of the fishing world.

His passion for fishing all began with bass fishing in his childhood backyard pond. Over the years, that passion propelled him through various stages of competitive fishing. From starting out in the Central Florida Jr. Bassmasters club at just 13 years old to advancing through high school and college fishing circuits, he honed his skills and embraced every challenge.

Now, he finds himself living out his childhood dreams as a professional angler, competing on the FLW Tour. But his love for fishing doesn't end with competition. He's turned his passion into a profession, running a successful freshwater and saltwater guide business along Florida's East coast. Everyday, he's grateful for the opportunity to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with others, all while doing what he loves most—being out on the water.

Who do you look up to? Any personal or professional heroes?

I've always looked up to my grandfather. His humility and the way he shows his love and support to those around him have always held a special place in my heart.

Where's your fav vacation spot?

Tyler: The Bahamas has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now. The warmth of the locals, the thrill of fishing, and the breathtaking views are always a treat.

If you were to have one superpower what would it be and why?

If I could possess one superpower, I believe it would be the ability to time travel. The thought of going back in time or forward in time to see moments I find pivotal is super interestingh to me.

Favorite adventure beverage?

Busch Light!

What are three Chums items on your must-pack gear list?

When I'm out on the boat retainers are an essential piece of fishing equipment. My favorites are the Ripcord retainer and the Tideline Adjustable retainer. Both come with large and small end sizes so I can wear them no matter what sunglasses I'm sporting. I'd also include the Neo Floating Keychain on my essential fishing equipment list— just in case, it keeps my boat keys buoyant while I'm out on the water.

BONUS QUESTION: just 'cause we’re curious

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Definitely not. I don't even need to explain my reasoning, a hotdog is a hotdog.




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