Tideline Adjustable

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Our newest and most high-tech retainer! Treat yourself to a Tideline, with features such as removable silicone temple ends to fit any pair of sunglasses. This sleek retainer is made of Ultra-Lightweight stainless steel and is fully adjustable from 10" to 15.5" will keep your sunglasses in place on any adventure.
  • Fully adjustable retainer from 10" to 15.5"
  • Includes set of 2 interchangeable ends for all temple end sizes
  • Ultra-Lightweight stainless steel wire
  • Silicone temples do not lose shape or stretch over time
  • Made in the USA
  • See the video!

Customer Reviews

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Is there a way to order additional tips?
Otherwise they are great. I am the opposite of most I have read. Giant head. They could be longer, for my personal needs.

Eric Schluter

The last adjustable eye glass retainer you will ever need!

Best retainers I've ever used ......

Inshore or offshore these are the best retainers hands down ! I wear prescrips and they are easy on the ears and the wallet , you owe it to yourself to give'em a try


So far after two weeks, I like the product very much. It is unobtrusive, and holds the glasses well. So light I do not feel it. Great product.

Love em

These are the perfect retainers for my sunglasses. They have thing arms which the small size ends fit perfectly and they hold the really light weight aluminium frames on my head in a way that makes them feel like they won't just fly off (the glasses won't just fly off even without retainers but it's nice to feel the extra weight holding them on). Perfect retainers for me, but I can certainly see how some would find the retainers do not shrink tight enough as they do not hug the head.