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Every wallet is unique, just like the rivers we travel on!

The Duckie Wallet is our latest effort to bring sustainable products made from raft scraps into our wallet line. We've worked with local raft manufacturers who have a large amount of scrap material left over after building rafts, duckies, and sleep pads. We ship the scraps to our Hurricane, Utah manufacturing facility where they are sorted, categorized and hand-stitched into the Duckie Wallets. Due to variance in materials and supplies, every wallet is unique and made with different color materials.

  • Made from 100% discarded raft scrap material
  • Designed for durability
  • Slim - front pocket wallet
  • Every wallet is unique
  • 3 different stash slots will fit cash and cards
  • Minimalist design for enhanced strength
Duckie Wallet lifestyle: Duckie 4
Duckie Wallet lifestyle: Duckie 2
Duckie Wallet lifestyle: Duckie 3
Duckie Wallet lifestyle: Duckie 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
So far so good.

Been using this for a few weeks and really like it. It's slim profile shouldn't be underestimated, this little wallet can fit quite a bit. Seems durable and a great price point, what's there not to like? Oh and a great cause!

Thank you for taking the time to review, Matt! We're glad you love the Duckie Wallet.

Samuel Bautista

Definitely buying another one

Coleman Bernal
Love the duckie wallet!

I love this wallet! I especially love the cause behind it and what it is doing to reduce waste in landfills. The one thing i wish it did have was RFID blocking. But other than that, a great wallet with a great story.

Bryce Lowder
Uneven stitching, poor ID design

Ordered two and will be returning. The dealbreaker is the ID window. It’s not a sleeve; you don’t slide the ID in through the top. Instead, the “window” is really just a short slot at the bottom with a frame to look like an ID window. If you bend the wallet with only the ID inside, the ID sticks straight out from the wallet. I guess not an issue if you always had cards in the other side, but I wasn’t comfortable with the insecure design.

Also, one of the two wallets had poor, uneven stitching. Not a big deal to me but wanted to note it.

Would like to see this recycled/scrap concept applied to a landscape-style (like the Bandit) design, with no ID window. I think that would work better.

Great wallet

Well made, sturdy and holds just what is needed! Very low profile.

Thanks Charles! We're stoked to hear how much you like your Duckie Wallet.

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