Adjustable Orbiter

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Introducing the new and improved Adjustable Orbiter, the golden child of the Orbiter family. Y’all loved the adjustment capability so much that we decided to make it even easier and smoother. Snug these babies up and they will lockdown your glasses with a steel grip (stainless steel) then loosen them right back up to let your glasses rest around your neck.
  • Ultra-lightweight stainless steel
  • Low-profile, flat temples eliminate pressure points
  • Universal temple design fits large and small frames
  • Made in the USA
  • Smallest adjustable size: 10"
  • Largest adjustable size: 15.5"
  • Weight: 0.1 oz.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for keeping your glasses in check during exercise

My glasses would always fall off after 13-14 pushups. Now my glasses always stay in place and I forget the Adjustable Orbiter is even there, because there is no tail flailing around.

I see that some people want a shorter cord, the problem with this request is that the cord needs to be long enough to easily slip over your head when fully extended. When cinched down all the way, it is true that the cord might not be snug up against the back of my head, but it really doesn't need to be to keep your glasses from falling off. Actually if there was zero wiggle room between the cord and your head, you would then be more aware of its presence. I wouldn't let the cord length prevent you from trying this excellent keeper.

Michael Manning
Works Perfect!!!

I have used CHUMS brand retainers for years on my Hunting and Fishing glasses. Now that I have to wear prescription glasses, I needed a retainer that I could trust to work. Being a Kayak Tournament Angler I cannot afford to lose my glasses while out fishing. I once again chose CHUMs over other brands because I know that they work. Thanks, CHUMS, for an Awesome product!!!

length of cord

I agree with several other reviews, the cord needs to be about shorter.


I have been using my chums on and on on several glasses … best product !!!
Now i need one to fixe on my very expensive prescription sunglasses , (i keep on braking the branches ) and it would work great if it was long enough , missing just few centimeters or length of a branche, for the adjustable orbiter , 😬😂

Great design, needs a shorter version

I am a surgeon who received these with my order of surgical loupes. Many surgeons use the original Chums to keep their loupes snugly in place while operating. I was excited to see these sleekly designed stainless steel orbiters as an alternative to the typical cotton retainer. The ends fit my loupes just fine, and the orbiter is very lightweight. Unfortunately, even at the tightest setting, a gap remains between the orbiter and my head. As a result, my loupes can jiggle around and slide down my nose while I’m operating. Chums, please make a shorter version of the adjustable orbiter! I would have loved using these but had to fall back on the original retainer model.

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