Neo Megafloat

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The Neo Megafloat, our highest-rated floating eyewear retainer, comes with an increased temple size that is designed for larger frames. Filled with closed-cell foam, it'll float up to 85 grams (3 oz.), keeping your shades off the bottom of the river. The lock-stitched ends easily slip over larger size eyewear frames. For a tighter fit, slide the retainer further down your frames. For eyewear with smaller/thinner frame ends, check out the Floating Neo, Glassfloat Classic, or the Floating Halfpipe. 
  • Jumbo-sized floating retainer for heavier glasses
  • Soft, foam-filled neoprene
  • Will float up to 3 oz. (85g)
  • Length: 16.5"
  • Weight without packaging: 0.4 oz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Saved Me Money - Twice!!

I put Mega Floats on my prescription Costa Tuna Alleys. Got knocked off my bass boat twice by stumps. Saved $800

Very poor fit, lost my sunglasses

I tried my new Chums for a paddling trip, and wore them on my neck because it was not too sunny. When I landed, I realized I had lost the Chums and the sunglasses.

Keith B
Cool colors but ....

They look great, colors are vibrant but they just don't stay on the arms.. It's too bad

Neo Megafloat

Great color, lightweight and very vibrant.

kurt hatch
floats well but retainer opening too large

The retainer that fits over the eyewear frame does not hold the frame tight and slips off easily. I tried my metal frame Ray Ban sunglasses in the pool before entering the ocean. The retainer floated well and kept the sunglasses floating, but when I pulled the sunglasses up out of the water, the frames slipped off. The opening of the retainer is too large and eye glass frames slips back and forth too easily. I tried with my wife's metal frame glasses and same result. Colors are great and it does "float" metal frame glasses as advertised. Just wished the frames didn't slip off so easily since this was the reason I bought them and needless to say, I can not use them for the intended purpose I bought them for.