Slip Fit

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The Slip Fit rope retainer slides over your eyewear frames to provide a forward-mounted style. The nylon rope construction provides unique strength and durability, while adjustable bead allows you to easily find the perfect spot for your shades. Fits small to medium frames.
  • Streamlined forward-mount ends
  • Fully adjustable with bead
  • Durable nylon perlon cord construction
  • Customization available
  • Made in the USA
  • Length: 14"
  • Usable length: 23"
  • Weight without packaging: 0.3 oz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Lindsey Kraayenbrink
Used Once

Looked as expected, worked as expected; however, I put them on after one use and the rubber split all the way open on just one side. I have another pair of the same style that has been working great for a few years now - not sure why the quality of these ones (lime green) deteriorated so fast. Bummer.

Giovanni Puglisi

Solid, bought this in couple with a neoprene retainer in order to secure my glasses during roller coaster rides for an upcoming trip. Haven't tried them on the field yet but when the glasses are secured with both straps it seems basically impossible for them to fall off

EDIT: my Disneyland trip has come and gone, and all of the rollercoasters with it... And I still have my glasses! Never for a second I felt like I could lose them. Recommended!

Great Quality

Chums provides excellent quality and customer service. I bought 2 pair for free shipping; however, 1 pair was not in stock. A customer service representative reached out to me to let me know the 2nd pair I ordered would not ship but they would provide free shipping on my order even though it did not meet the minimum spend. I think that level of customer care is rare. I plan on purchasing in the future even though I know I will not need another replacement. I plan on ordering as gifts for people. Thanks, Chums!

Adjustable Bead placement

True, the Fit Slip are amongst the best of such style retainer, but a smaller "adjustable bead" grip is needed at the glass frame instead of just at the back of the neck. Perhaps a snap-closed closure? Slip-on rubber ends (like my favorite Fish) do not allow for folding frames inward to avoid dangling glasses from catching on clothing, etc., and when having to move glasses (reading) off/on multiple times. These forward mounted hoops universally slip off no matter the frames size, no matter the maker. If anyone can solve this slip issue, it is Chum... I'm waiting.

C Viancin Fan
Simply the Best

These are the only eyeglass lanyards I will buy because they are simply the best. They don’t slip off and usually last longer than the glasses. Thanks Chums!

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