Stacy Bare


Stacy Bare is an intermediate but willing skier, a mediocre boatman and an adequate climber. Currently the National Director of Programming and Operations for The Phoenix, a sober multi-sport community, he co-founded the Great Outdoors Lab in partnership with Dr. Dacher Keltner and the Greater Good Science Center at UC-Berkeley to put scientific evidence behind the idea that time outdoors can be used to support improved health outcomes related to stress and trauma.

He served in Bosnia and Iraq as part of the United States Army, received a Bronze Star for his service, and worked in land mine clearance in Angola and a breakaway province, Abkhazia in the Republic of Georgia. Stacy has also completed expeditions with various first ascents and descents in skiing and climbing in Angola and Iraq as part of his Adventure Not War project. He holds degrees from the Universities of Mississippi and Pennsylvania, was one of the 2014 National Geographic Adventures of the Year, the 2015 SHIFT Conservation Athlete of the year and is at home in Salt Lake City, UT with his wife, daughter, and a Hemingway cat