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Mono Orbiter

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All of your “fish stories” become immediately believable when you are wearing the Mono Orbiter. Made from high tenacity monofilament, the Mono Orbiter is strong, sleek and lightweight. Let this pair of Orbiters help keep your glasses on your head and your hands on the reel.
  • High tenacity monofilament
  • Low profile flat temples eliminate pressure points
  • Universal temple design fits large and small frames
  • Made in USA
  • Length: 15.75" 
  • Weight without packaging: 0.1 oz.

Customer Reviews

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Non-binding freedom

Got my first mono orbiter at BSP many years ago. Didn't know how it would perform, but purchased it anyway. Over the years, it has proved itself over and over. I Love it. So much so that I researched the internet and found the Chums site and ordered 2 more. The monofilament is the perfect length and most importantly, it is stiff so it always projects backwards behind your head and doesn't drape around your neckline or interfere with your hoodie, when not wearing the hood. When you turn you head, it doesn't bind with your neck or parts of the hoodie like rope tethers can. They are perfect.

Thanks for the review Robert! We are stoked to hear how much you love your Orbiter!


They’ll keep my glasses on my head


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Great Products

I ordered a couple different style eyeglass retainers, 1 was the mono orbiter the other was a rope style. I am very happy with both. Great product, with good price.