Kristian Dewolfe

kayaker, River Savant

"Growing up in Ketchum, Idaho allowed me to take full advantage of the outdoor recreation in the area. My family and I would live in Idaho for 8 months out of the year then migrate to White Salmon, Washington where we would live for the duration of the summer. I was lucky enough to learn how to whitewater kayak when I was 10 by my sixth-grade English teacher. After I got my driver license that is all I wanted to do when I wasn't skiing. Time went on and I now split time between Montana, Idaho, and Washington. I am currently a junior at Montana State University studying Small Business Management. While I am not doing school, I try to devote all my time to Fishing, Skiing, and Kayaking. Going to School in Bozeman allows you to go out and do all these things, but it definitely makes skipping classes easy!

In the summer time I own and operate the Columbia Gorge Kayak School on the Klickitat River. The Kayak School offers a multitude of guided whitewater trips. Anything from day trips to much more intensive multi-day lessons. Guiding is what I really love to do. There is nothing better then being in a kayak all day and being able to share the sport and the river with people from all over world. The stoke that the river brings to all people is what makes me want to keep guiding and utilizing all forms of river recreation."

-Kristian Dewolfe